Panthers News · 3 FLAG FOOTBALL TEAMS – Rosters Below!

We are excited to announce with the number of 7th and 8th-grade student-athletes that came out to play flag football, we have the opportunity to have 3 teams!  Congratulations to all of our athletes! Practice will begin at 3:30!

Black Roster: Adam Gire, Andre Baker, Andrew Seamans, Bailey Wurzer, Brady Lendman, Brayden Battle, Caleb Flores, Cooper Wagner, Dane Peterson, Grayson Greenhood, Isaac Crosman, Jason Gurley, JT Graham, Jude McAbee, Kaos Martin, Spencer Seay, Tyler White, Warren Newsome

White Roster: Andrew David, Robert Bowman, Brayden Jones, Colton Wiechman, Noah Rodriguez, Kyle Bradley, Josiah McCormick, Finley Nye, Paul Ahern, Jacob Lindell, Thayne Hammer, Matthew Hammer

Royal Roster: Alana Turgieva, Bryan Nix, Casey Wrathall, Cole Perry, Emerson Lyons, Jack Pimentel, Jacob Vu, Jett Larmour, Justin Chan, Lincoln Swanson, Lucas Tasista, Nathan Chow, Santiago Toxqui, Sawyer Hokanson, Scott Steffan, Winston Choi