Panthers News · 2019 JH Baseball Rosters


**Please bring all practice gear to school including shoes to practice indoors during rainy days.  Rainy day schedules will be sent out before 1:00pm – download the UPREP APP for notifications.

**Player hats are in! Please bring $20 to Mrs. Aday in the ASB Office.  You will take your receipt to Ms. Angley in the SSC to pick up your hat during lunch or after school.

BLACK Team (Coach Kinneavy)

Andrew Myers

Bailey Wurzer

Braxton Fleming

Caleb Kennedy

Campbell Parker

Cohen Joyce

Colton Kinneavy

Elijah Rheem

Jaxon Myer

Max Manning

Nick Lockwood

Owen Bell


ROYAL Team (Coach Dean)

Aaron Wood

Andrew David

Brayden Battle

Braydon Sandbloom

Cody Wrathall

David Suppiger

Gambit Wilson

Grayson Greenhood

Jet Larmour

Lucas Tasista

Mateo Romo Cummings

Michael Hebrard

Spencer Seay

Tristan Dean

Tucker Orner