Panthers News · JH Flag Football Teams

Listed below are the rosters for the A (Black) and B (Blue) Flag Football Teams.  Coach Shufelberger and Coach Baker strongly encourage all student-athletes who are not listed on a roster to join them for practices to continue to improve on their game.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Coach Shufelberger ( or Coach Baker (  Go Panthers!

The first practice will be Monday, October 29th 3:30 – 5:00.


Bell, Owen

Boehme, Christian

Brooks, Spencer

Cummings, Mateo

Dean, Tristan

Fleming, Braxton

Hill, Dawson

Kennedy, Caleb

Orner, Tucker

Padda, Saj

Paris, Nico

Parker, Campbell

Rheem, Elijah

Seamans, Andrew

Stewart, Caleb

Vargas, Ryan

Wood, Aaron

Wurzer, Bailey


Battle, Brayden

Flores, Caleb

Gheen, Logan

Gire, Adam

Graham, J.T.

 Lincoln Swanson

Hokanson, Sawyer

Jones, Brayden

Lindell, Jacob

Seay, Spencer

Tasista, Lucas


White, Tyler

Wrathall, Casey